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Sites opposition and opposition leaders personal sites hacked. The nation is well aware that the ruling structure did it

Special forces stormed the office of the opposition party “Batkivshchyna” (Batkivshchyna is a political party in Ukraine, led by Yulia Tymoshenko).

Soldiers of special forces stormed the building, got in the server room, knocking out windows and doors. Servers of that party damaged. The people who were in the building and workers are not let out of the building. Quarter on Turovska street surrounded by soldiers.

Special forces stormed the office of the opposition party


Began. Titushky : (

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Titushky ( protected by police raiding national fasts of peaceful picketers. =((((

Титушки нападают на людей

Much of peaceful protesters surrounded by special forces soldiers in full ammunition between the central streets of Kyiv - Kruglouniversitetska and Lutheran streets.


Берегине, оберігай своїх дітей!

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Богине, Вічна Мати!
Допоможи тим людям, що зараз на Майдані!
Хай буде так!

Богиня Берегиня


Ask you to think positively about Ukraine and our people

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The government and forces are actually cowards. They first try to psychologically break our people.
They unlikely attack during the day . The military can attack us at night. They have a shameful tactics “addictive.” Ukrainian people can not be in suspense for so long and standing. Outside is very large cold, subzero temperature.
But their technique is wrong, if they attack us again, then more people will come to the Maidan and want revenge.
To the barricades came a lot of girls and women. They try to talk to the soldiers, offering them sandwiches and tearfully asked not to hit people.
On Kostyolna street the girls hugged the lieutenant colonel of internal forces and tearfully asked not raise his hand on civilians.

Friends, I ask you to think positively about Ukraine and our people. Together we have the strength to win.

Україна понад усе Майдан


SOS! News from the ukrainian “battlefield” …

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SOS! Влада взяла курс на силовий розгін акціі. Тільки-но лідери опозиціі покликали ЗМІ на Майдан, аби всі ми могли фіксувати те, що готується. Біля КМДА пожежні машини розгортають техніку. майдан з усіх боків намагаються взяти в кільце силовики. Вони йдуть з бульвару Лесі Украінки , з Печерську, з Бесарабки, Михайлівської,…

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I’ll try … News from the “battlefield” …
Ukrainian criminal power has headed for forceful dispersal action. Once opposition leaders have called on the media to Maidan, that all we could fix the facts and see that prepares … Central metro station closed, trains pass by without stopping. Near Kiev City Administration fire trucks deploy technique, the area from all sides try to encircle the troops. They come from Pechersk.. from Bessarabka… from the central areas ..

захистимо наш народ