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I apologize for the fact that today’s message does not concern the state of contemporary paganism in Ukraine, but the current socio-political situation in my country is far more urgent. And the news is tragic.
Жертви Беркута ЕвроМайдан кровь

A genuine revolution has broken out in my country. Ukrainian citizens have been gathering in public squares throughout the country (EuroMaidan) to protest the criminal exercise of power on the part of the Ukrainian Government, and to affirm their desire for European integration.

Власть напала на граждан Беркут убили человека

It is my sad duty to report what is now transpiring in Ukraine, especially Kiev. It has reached the point where the government has given orders to the Berkut, a special unit of the Ukrainian Police, to attack peaceful protestors. Since yesterday, November 30, 2013, these special forces have been indiscriminately beating Ukrainian citizens throughout the center of the city, including women and children, artists and journalists. Casualties include dozens of people with fractured skulls and other serious head injuries, a large number of broken bones, trauma to internal organs, and several fatalities. Even more people have simply disappeared.

ЕвроМайдан против Януковича Беркут ведут себя как звери

Today, these special forces attacked the Headquarters of the Ukrainian Writers’ Union in downtown Kiev, where those injured in their previous assault had been taken for medical treatment. They shattered the windows to enter the building, dragging out and seriously beating both the medical personnel attending to the wounded, as well as members of the Writers’ Union and others who were in the building. Afterwards all the injured persons were taken away by them in an unknown direction.

The situation has become critical. The Ukrainian government has specifically ordered the murder of Ukrainian citizens. World community should be informed about actions of Ukrainian officials who arrange force attacks against peaceful citizens.

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I appeal to the world community to condemn the outrages being committed by the Ukrainian government, and to send help and aid in any way possible.

Great thanks!

Fialkora Mykytenko