Ask you to think positively about Ukraine and our people

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The government and forces are actually cowards. They first try to psychologically break our people.
They unlikely attack during the day . The military can attack us at night. They have a shameful tactics “addictive.” Ukrainian people can not be in suspense for so long and standing. Outside is very large cold, subzero temperature.
But their technique is wrong, if they attack us again, then more people will come to the Maidan and want revenge.
To the barricades came a lot of girls and women. They try to talk to the soldiers, offering them sandwiches and tearfully asked not to hit people.
On Kostyolna street the girls hugged the lieutenant colonel of internal forces and tearfully asked not raise his hand on civilians.

Friends, I ask you to think positively about Ukraine and our people. Together we have the strength to win.

Україна понад усе Майдан

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