Replica of a Zbruch idol Svitovyd beheaded on Sofiyska Square in Kyiv, February 22, 2013.

Save Cultural Heritage Petition

Вандализм над идолом

Damages done to Zbruch idol replica consider all the features of Ukrainians’ desecration and indicate the fomenting of interreligious strife. We witness the hostility to independent Ukrainian state and act of sacrilege towards spiritual values of all the Ukrainian heathens.
To remember, earlier there have been committed crimes to foment interreligious strife in Ukraine. Criminals have been left unpunished as there were no investigations provided in such cases:

• Act of desecration in national cultural reserve Khortytsia where 9 wooden idols have been damaged, September 6, 2010;
• Perun’s sculpture was destroyed in Malievtsy village, Khmelnytskyi region, March 2011;
• Perun’s wooden sculpture on the Starokyivska hora (Old Kyiv mountain) was chopped down by unknown criminals on November 1st 2012. That idol was a piece of sacred art well-known both in Ukraine and other countries;

Also criminals are those who did not perform their administrative duty thus such cases continue to occure and humiliate spiritual Slavic heritage. Primordial idols represent religious values as they portray the gods of Kyiv Rus’. All the local kings had praised them until Sviatoslav I Igorevich reigned.
We emphasize that Zbruch idol is located in down-town area near administrative agencies which are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv city. Hence it is clear that area where the monument stands was under 24-hour video observation. Nevertheless, authorities ignore the incident.
We call on world society to pay attention to the occurrence. In particular, we speak to organizations that stand for cultural heritage protection. We plead for international assemblies to file a petition to Ministry of Culture of Ukraine thus officials would take this incident into consideration to prevent similar situations in future.

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